Romance in the air…

5 Dec

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The most popular time of year for engagement portraits is in the fall.  The trees turn into a beautiful array of colors and the beauty of nature is at it’s finest.  Each season bring it’s own new agenda.  New colors, new weather, and …new emotions.  Sounds weird, but I think it’s true.  The weather and season definitely has an impact on our mood and outlook.  What comes to your mind when you think of fall?  I think fall is full of romance.  🙂

I have gotten behind on my blog posts, but now that I plan to go back and share a few of the highlights with you.  Photos can do so many things, including totally change your mood.   Sara & Alex’s engagement is like that for me.  They clearly were very comfortable and happy together.  Their smiles are so big that their excitement and love were undeniable.  The excitement in their expressions is contagious and it always makes me smile.  🙂

I’m so excited for Alex & Sara!


A “Fairytale” Wedding

9 Nov

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Sarah planned a beautiful fairytale wedding at the gorgeous Darby House surrounded by fall colors and breath-taking landscapes.  Her fairytale wedding was even complete with a horse-drawn carriage that escorted guests from the parking lot to the front door. 

We work closely with our clients to assist them in planning their day and making sure that we understand their photography desires.  Sarah’s wedding was no exception.  Unfortunately, the timeline didn’t go as planned.  I always worry when this happens because I fear that the lack of photography time will have a very negative effect on the photos.  However, seeing their story through the thousands of photos, you would think that the entire day was totally flawless and went precisely as planned.  Their day looked very much like the perfect fairytale wedding.

We are so happy for Sarah & Matt.  They both looked their best, and came across so well on the camera.  It makes me smile to know what an impact their wedding photos will have on them as they go through their new lives together.  I always hope that each of our clients will not just appreciate their wedding photos now, but that they will gain more value as time goes on, and will be a priceless treasure (an heirloom) that reflects the story of their lives…the beginning of a new life together.  A story that can now be shared (moment by moment) with their children, and grandchildren.  Their “love story” can be passed on through endless generations!  What a heritage!  Who wouldn’t want a clear view of their family’s history?

Congratulations Sarah & Matt!

May you always remember this day and enjoy your photos as a priceless treasure!

Cherish Every Moment Through Professional Baby Portraits!

29 Aug

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I absolutely LOVE babies!  Whenever I see a baby it makes me sad that stage is long gone in my life.  No, I don’t miss the sleepless nights, or changing diapers.  However, I miss just about everything else – watching them grow what seems like daily, relishing all those “first” moments at everything, and the majical joy a babies smile provies to all.  I find it sad that the baby stage of life is gone so fast.  We need to cherish every moment of it, especially through photographs.  Basic studio sessions like K-mart, Walmart, and JC Penney are SO dramatically different than a professional session with on-site photographers.  The best place for a newborn session is right at their own home.

I was SO thrilled when I got a call from our past clients – the Martindales.  We photographed their wedding several years ago and they wanted us to capture the beauty of their son who was just over a month old.  As soon as I laid my eyes on him, we were fast friends.  Right away, he melted my heart with his precious toothless grin.  I had such a wonderful time talking and playing with him as we captured precious memories.

Although he wasn’t having the greatest day, you would never know it in the photographs.  He ended up crying a lot during our session, and required several breaks for a snack, and …well, cleaning up after potty issues.  The best part was, these memories will be great stories when he is older (we joked about dad telling everyone about the”potty issues” at his wedding!).

It is so awesome to build a personal relationship with a couple and have the opportunity to capture amazing images of their families as they change and grow.  It’s truly a beautiful thing.

Sami and Thomas Wed at Taylor Mansion

24 Jun

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Sami was relaxed and excited for one of the most memorable days of her life.  She and her mother had been working franticaly over the past several weeks to finish a variety of projects in preparation for this day.  She was so happy all the preparations were finally over and the day had arrived.  Rather than running all over town to have her hair and makeup done, she hired hair and makeup artists to meet them at the mansion that morning.  Everything was moving along well until it was time to put on Sami’s veil.  Her mother realized that the velcro had come unattached from the hair comb.  Luckily, I carry an emergency kit for times such as these.  We tried several options and ended up getting it reattached perfectly with small safety pins.  Having such a small item can make all the difference sometimes.  I was so glad we were able to resolve this “wardrobe malfunction” because it was one of the most beautiful veils I had ever seen.

They rented the house and grounds for the morning and chose to get married outside, in front of the mansion surrounded by beautiful landscaping, brick paths, and a unique rose fountain adorned with floating flowers.  Unfortunately, the wedding took place during a week filled with dreary weather and a lot of rain.  However,  they were blessed with perfect weather that morning.  Interestingly, the rain held off until just after we left the mansion and headed for their reception.  Then there was a total downpour.  Whew!  What timing!

It was a wonderful day filled with lots of love, laughter, and memories they’ll cherish forever.  I’m so glad we were able to freeze those moments in time through photography and videography.  No doubt, they will be viewing their memories for the rest of their lives and sharing them with generations to come.

Congratulations Thomas & Sami!

Allison & Dejuan

19 Jun

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Allison chose one of the most beautiful churches in the Columbus area for her wedding ceremony to Dejuan – Bexley United Methodist Church.  We have been to this location numerous times and we always look forward to working there.  This was a very special day not only for Allison and Dejuan, but also for their daughter, Ellie.  We made sure to get special photos of her with each of her parents.

As professional wedding photographers, we are watching for those special moments we can freeze in time that will warm hearts forever.  Sometimes you have less than a second to capture that perfect shot.  I love this photo we captured just after the bridal party entered the reception.  Their daughter was spinning in circles as her parents shared a kiss on the middle of the dance floor.  This is one of my favorite photos of this special day.

Congratulations Allison, Dejuan, & Ellie!

Les, Wes, & their beautiful outdoor wedding!

10 Jun

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Everyone who knows Leslie knows that she is really into photography.  When it came to planning her wedding, Leslie wanted highly experienced photographers who would capture her day with unique and breath-taking images.  She wanted someone who would freeze each moment of her day so that she will not only be able to remember it for the rest of her life, but be able to pass these memories on for many generations.  This was a difficult task considering they live in Chicago but are getting married in Columbus, Ohio.  After much research, and many meetings, she chose Hunts Photography.  We were able to capture almost 3000 beautiful images for her and her family.

The Ring Bearer:

Right from the beginning, their ring bearer was being quite a character.  He noticed me taking pictures of him at a distance and started playing to the camera right away.  Fast forward to the ceremony.  We are waiting for the bridesmaids to arrive at the ceremony location when all the sudden, the groom and his men start laughing hysterically.  Our ring bearer (Bronsen) had taken the opportunity to “relieve himself” in the nearby trees.  We captured several photos of him being “put back together in preparation for his walk down the aisle.  After everyone is in place for the ceremony, it’s finally time for Bronsen’s big moment.   He begins to walk the long stretch of grass toward the isle of chairs as the rest of the bridal party had done.   All the sudden, he trips and lands flat on the grass.  All the guests are chuckling and Bronsen just isn’t sure what to do, so he continues to lay there.  His dad quickly rushes to the rescue, and picks him up.  After this incident,  Bronsen is naturally very embarrassed, so he uses his pillow as a “shield” and proceeded to walk the entire length of the chairs with his pillow covering his face.  As he passed the first photographer, he sneaks a look and a quick grin that was captured perfectly.  As he reaches the second photographer at the end of the isle, he immediately drops his pillow and shows his sweet smile – again providing us with priceless memories of this moment that will no doubt be retold countless times.

I can’t say that Bronsen “stole the show” because the beauty of the moment when the bride came walking in through a tree lined isle beside the ceremony site was just breath-taking.  Although the sun was blazing hot that day, the beauty of the location, the flowers, and the bridal party was perfect.  The  excitment of the moment was easy to feel and the feeling of love and joy is communicated through every image we captured.

Congratulation Les & Wes!

May your new life together be as blissful as your wedding day was!